Xiaomi Smart Touch Control Yeelight

Xiaomi Smart Touch Control Yeelight

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Bedside literally means near-to-bed - in this place in apartment is installed a smart lamp Yeelight by the recommendation of manufacturer.

Device is shaped in a cylindrical form. Lamp is minimalistic, its lower side, which takes one-fifth of the entire structure is made from lightweight aluminum, and the rest of a material similar to plastic light matte color. On the aluminum edging is company’s logo Yee.

On top of the lamp is on / off button (in the center of the circle) and the oval button to switch glow.

Material: Glass
Lighting Color: Choose from a range of 16 million colors
Dimmable: Adjust color temperature and brightness for a comfortable glow
Color temperature: 1700K-6500K color temperature gradual change function
Lamp type: High quality Osram lamp, high color rendering index
Touch Control design: can adjust brightness / Power off delay / switch light mode
Wattage: 10W
Lamp input power: 12V 1A
Working life: 20000hrs