What is Func ?

Years ago, I had a question: why was there no brand for programmers, just like there was Nike for runners?

That's when we founded Func Inc in Dec, 2016. Great way to end a crazy year!

We love development, bug fixing, debugging and we code in our free time. 
Whether you operate in the shadows finding bugs as a QA guy, patrol a mountaintop as the dev ops engineer, run the marathon as the developer on the project, pour your heart out as the designer, or just sail the ship through the storm as the manager/lead - this apparel line is dedicated to you.

Then we decided to move on from unique coder tshirts to other techie curated products that the community might want to buy, and hence we present 2 new categories, Electronics and Home Decor for the g33k in you! Our product experts have scrounged the internet for unique items you would love to own and show off!

You're welcome.


What started as an entrepreneurial experiment and outlet for my passion quickly grew into much more than just selling a few shirts.

It’s more than just t-shirts.
It’s a mindset.


We have now various product lines on the store,

the core being tshirt and always will be because that's where our roots are.

Contact us:
19749 Dearborn St,
Chatsworth, CA,
United States
India Office:
3B, Phoenix Palms,
Koramangala, Bangalore